Sunday, 5 September 2010

Return of the hunter

I got back from the car boot sale before the rest of the family had even woken up. My blood was up! I felt as though I had been on a secret assignment instead of just pootling round the car park in town.
     I think I even managed to find the makings of a 'haul'! I may have overpaid for some things in my eagerness to fill my little spotty shopper.
Dolly in outfit for healthy 1960s cycling weekend
Not sure if these are actually old but they look as though they could have just been to Festival of Britain
Yes, a companion piece to the Taunton Vale dish -- what are the chances?
Not sure I really like this but it's Hornsea ('Tapestry')
Lovely knitting booklet. We used to have one of those plastic beehives for paying out wool...
Wonderful bug brochure
Of all these treasures, I think I like the insecticide brochure the best. I love the grid of beasties on the front. Inside it's illustrated by someone signing themselves 'Nicholls' in a style a little reminiscent of Edward Bawden or Eric Ravilious, but from a slightly later period (and featuring somewhat less fey men). I think the brochure dates from 1960 as there is a tantalising scrap of a letter inside it dated 1960.

These would make a nice set of tea plates...
So I'm very pleased that I went. But I guess if I start going every week, the rate at which finds would be found would soon drop off as the sellers probably wouldn't stock up on this sort of thing as fast as I would hoover it up. That's a good thing, really, as the habit can soon get out of control.

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