Sunday, 5 September 2010

Charity shop finds

When I read about other people's brilliant finds at car boot sales and in charity shops, it drives me into a frenzy of searching my own patch. It always seems that other towns are richer hunting grounds, yielding multiple finds of marvellous quality.
'Ruffle' plate by Woods
Hornsea blue cat pepper pot
Palissy plate
little Taunton Vale dish
     Spurred on by photos of other bloggers' hoards, I went out yesterday to see what I could find. Not bad! I particularly love the blue Hornsea cat, even if he is missing his salty partner. The dream, of course, is to sell these finds for much more than you paid for them, thus becoming an antiques dealer before you know it; the reality is that, even on eBay, it's quite hard to sell such things for very much and I usually can't bear to part with most things I find. I'll see how I feel when the thrill of having found them wears off.
     I'm off to the little local car boot sale now.

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Kitsch and Curious said...

Both this haul and the carboot one are very fine work! Tick, V.G.