Saturday, 28 May 2011

Mini collection 5

Oh no, I seem to have caught the dreaded Blogger lurgy -- I can no longer sign out of my blog. I'm really just posting this to see if I can still post on my own blog. I can't sign into Postman's Knock to post on Lesley's amazing Overhead card. I'll do it here instead. It's soooo frustrating.


Joanna said...

This is such an unusual collection and it's such fun!

I don't seem to have caught the blogger lurgey, so if I get it from you I won't be happy!!


Kitsch and Curious said...

Another great collection. I particularly like the variety of shapes and sizes in this collection. The same but different.

Carrie said...

Really love seeing your collections. This is my favourite so far. I'd love to have a nosey round your studio, so many interesting things!