Monday, 11 February 2013

I missed the clowns again!

Picture © Joelle McNichol used under Creative Commons
Dang! I've missed the special Clowns church service again. It's held each year on the first Sunday in February at Holy Trinity Church in Dalston. Last year it was too snowy for me to venture into London and I vowed to go this year. I've just realised I've missed it. I'm bitterly disappointed and will ensure I go NEXT year.
     By way of compensation, the photography John Claridge was there and took some absolutely beautiful clown portraits, which are shown on the Spitalfields Life blog today -- do look at them. Utterly memorable.

My earlier post on clowns is easily the most visited of all my posts. So, here, for clown fans, are just a few more:


Joanna said...

What an amazing congregation! I can think of all sorts of inappropriate jokes and tricks they could get up to ;)

Great photos.


LAC EMP 2020 said...

Can't beat a good clown photo! I find the concept of a clown's service quite surreal but then again, why shouldn't they have one? Shall definitely check out the other photos too.

colleen said...

I've always fancied peaking in at this service - it's not far from here - but somehow think it would be intrusive.

The portraits for which you provide a link are marvellous, aren't they?