Thursday, 7 July 2011

Mini collection 44

seaside postcards
 This is actually a 'real' collection in the sense that I've gone out looking for very specific postcards to add to it and have invested time and (a small amount of) money in it.
     They are postcards on a seaside theme, carefully chosen with art projects in mind, so a lot of them have people in the foreground:
I especially love these washed out looking ones with many people wandering around:
There are subsets of Butlins cards, shading into 'seaside structures' and 'bright lights', also Blackpool. I love both the popular culture of the seaside and the idea of people captured unawares, so these cards are a very rich source of imagery for me.

Ooh, makes me want to head for the edge of the land... Here are a couple of my (big -- A1-size) pictures based on postcards:


LAC EMP 2020 said...

Now - speaking as a person who lives at the edge of the land - you know how much I've enjoyed this post. It really is a rich source of imagery and what I love most is that you use it rather than just hoard it. Great stuff.L x

menopausalmusing said...

Wonderful collection and I found myself clicking onto your paintings. Especially liked that bottom one and its images of people there, but not quite....

Joanna said...

LOVE the collection and LOVE LOVE LOVE your A1 size interpretations! Brilliant.