Sunday, 3 July 2011

Mini collection 40

Bit of a delay in posting today's little collection but that's because I was actually collecting it. It's not a collection in the sense that the previous 39 have been, but I collected these bits of detritus and driftwood on the beach at Tankerton near Whitstable this morning. I love them and have been dreaming of going back there to scavenge ever since I first walked along the beach in the drizzle about two years ago and realised how much pebble-rubbed plastic and wood (and assorted other stuff) there was. I'm sure many beaches are exactly the same, but this beach took on special qualities for me after that day, so when I had the chance of a weekend away I chose Whitstable. Which of course is lovely for many other reasons apart from its colourful beach scrap.
Tankerton beach
We had dinner at the Sportsman, which was completely fantastic -- can't recommend it highly enough but you have to book ahead.

If I make anything with my scavenged bits, I'll try to show and tell.


lovelygrey said...

It will be lovely to see if you can make anything. These scraps are delightful

Joanna said...

I really like Whitstable too - it has a lovely feel about the place. The Sportsman looks fab, you lucky girl, you.

Great collection of 'stuff' from the beach. You could make a wonderful mobile with them, to hang from a tree. I'm sure whatever you do, you'll come up with something gorgeous!