Wednesday, 20 July 2011


The Beslie cards I still have
When I was a child -- I'm talking about the first half of the Seventies -- I was a keen collector of cards and gif tags from Gallery Five, including those by Beshlie. Beshlie's exquisitely pretty and imaginative countryside scenes were entrancing as well as botanically accurate. She obviously had an intense love of nature. Beyond what could be inferred from her illustrations, I knew nothing else about her.
     Amazingly, through a work connection, I'm now in direct contact with Beshlie and receive delightful letters from her every so often. How strange when different parts of your life link up like this -- and how lovely.
Beshlie Heron by Augustus John
Beshlie was painted by Augustus John at least twice, towards the end of his career, and she has sent me this reproduction of one of his portraits of her. I believe it's in the National Gallery of Wales.
     I sent Beshlie some printouts of all the nice things people were saying about her work online (she doesn't use the internet) and she's asked me to say on here that if anyone wants to get in touch with her, they can write to her c/o Cottage Books, Gelsmoor, Rempstone Road, Coleorton, Leics LE67 8HR.


Joanna said...

Oh My Goodness, i remember Beshlie! You've brought back some wonderful memories of her artwork and Gallery 5!

I think I will drop her a line, just so that she knows a young girl loved her work many years ago and loves it still!

LAC EMP 2020 said...

I do not remember Beshlie I'm afraid. Perhaps that because I was way past being a child in the early seventies! I do love that portrait of her by Augustus John though and would love to know what she thought of him. I read a great book about his and Gwen John's work and lives recently. She sounds like she might have had a very eventful life so far. How lovely not to 'do the internet'.

Anonymous said...

I have just "discovered" Beshlie. Some time ago I acquired two posters (in Canada). They are now framed and on my wall. Beautiful. Signed by Beshlie. I will write to her and tell her how much I admire her work.

Elisabeth Bush said...

In about 1974,my son brought back from Kenya some large centipedes which he advertised for sale. Beshlie bought one and asked if he had any bird-eating spiders! Then i read a newspaper article about her life. Fascinating!
I still have the circular greetings card which she sent to him and would like to contact her.

Elisabeth Bush

Anonymous said...

Yes I remember Beshlie, and still have some of her cards from Gallery 5 I also have three of her books published by the National Trust, called Beshlie's Countryside. They have been a source of inspiration to me for many years. I will certainly like to write to her.