Thursday, 4 October 2012

Private View

my pictures on someone else's wall!
This evening it was the private view for the Open Exhibition at Letchworth Arts Centre, and my family were kind enough to come with me. It's such a novelty to see my work up on walls that don't belong to me. There were my two pictures of celebrities in cars up on the wall. A quick check: yes, they got my name right on the labels!
     There was a great prize of a week's summer school at Sir John Soane's Museum, which I would have loved to win. I was shortlisted, which made me very happy, even if I didn't actually win the prize. The gentleman who made the announcement did call me 'John Housham' (then corrected himself) -- my kids are now calling me John, to their delight. Obviously this is to be an ongoing curse. First Mavis, now John. But I was very thrilled to get a mention at all.


Things Hand Made said...

They look great. I find your approach to art, life and what to do when you can't sleep quite inspirational and it's great to see that others value your work as well.
Keep that iner glow

Kitsch and Curious said...

Excellent! Congratulations on being shortlisted - I hope it's all helped to give you more confidence in your work. It looks great!

LAC EMP 2020 said...

Dear John, shortlisted for the prize is good but you was robbed!Let's see what the buying public say when they start strolling in today. Regards,your Welsh agent.

Gina said...

Fantastic! Brilliant to be shortlisted and I will make a point of popping in to see the exhibition!

colleen said...

Oh, well done you. Must be great to see your work in a public space.

Thought of you when I went to an RSPB site last week. Walking into a hide and seeing the backs of a row of men with gigantic field glasses and telescopes peering out onto the marshes. So very M Parr!

menopausalmusing said...

Oh John, you must be so, SO proud of yourself! eeek!