Thursday, 3 February 2011


From the distant land of MMMC came a small, innocent-looking package. Travelling halfway around the globe, through cyclone and snowstorm, no one suspected that it contained creatures on a mission...

Guarded by their bashful bear avatar, the Flybabies made landfall.
Soon they had recovered from their ordeal and were ready to complete their mission.The place they had infiltrated was a horror house of incarceration. Their blood brothers were kept there, in terrible conditions, half starved and made to perform humiliating turns.

The Tumbler...
The Twins, with their disturbingly intense eyes...

And the mysterious faceless one, guarded in his cot by the Tumbler.
The boys were huddled together in the hope that there was strength in numbers, but they knew 'she' just called that a 'collection'. They were in despair, when the Flybabies flew down and made themselves known.
     'Don't be afraid. We are your brothers. We've come to save you from ... this...'
     Too late. Someone had a little accident. It wasn't every day that the Flybabies came, and their wings were scary.
     'Come away with us.... come to live with us in our designer Lego house.'
And so the rescue began.

Thank you for the prezzie, MMMC! x 


Makeminemidcentury said...

Oh, why did I not realise that you'd do something magical with those choking hazards!

I just love the little baby bottoms peaking out from the wings.


(If I saw Fly Babies as big as me, I'd have an accident too.)

Unknown said...

I really like this story and your pictures, astonishing what you creating out of a few ordinary toys. I'm perplexed.

Jill said...

What I love about this is that you are COMPLETELY MAD and that you will be sending me a postcard!!
Jill x