Friday, 11 February 2011

Creative Space

My weird narrow office 'opened out'
I love seeing other people's creative spaces, and this is mine. Well, actually I have two, in separate parts of our house. That isn't as luxurious as it might sound. One, above, is my 'office', basically a narrow lean-to stuck on the side of the house and very cold.
There is hardly room for me to get down to the shelves at the far end.

The other space is shared with the Xbox and is only any good in daylight:

I'm longing for some time to sit at this table and some sun to shine on it.


Kitsch and Curious said...

It's such a relief to see a creative space that's as jam-packed and messy as mine!
And you have some wonderful stuff in there. I had to look at all the photos large size to have a good nose at the cool stuff on your noticeboard. I love all of it!

Unknown said...

I'm falling behind. I really like your packed and very creativ place, I would like to sneak around there in every corner, I guess there is so much wonderful to discover. Space is maybe not the appropiate word for it! And I'm also happy that not only my creative space looks more like a creative mess! I love it also!

AMCSviatko said...

Do you know about Uppercase's call for photos of messy real studio spaces?