Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Book backlog

Bookmarks at the ready
Most people who love to read have a tantalising pile by their bed of books waiting to be read. So do I, but it's getting out of hand...
This is my corner of the bedroom. We had various cupboards and shelves designed into our bedroom when we moved in. I thought I had been clever in having not only a shelf above the bed but a special little extra shelf recessed by the side of it. Evidently this wasn't enough to contain the creeping stacks, which are becoming reminiscent of a secondhand bookshop (could be worse).
But how am I ever going to read all these books and watch all these movies? Given I'm already committed to two a month (outside of these) to review plus a book-group book, realistically I can only read about one a week of these, if that, so this is several years worth... Help!
     Does anyone else have similar backlogs?

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Mike Herbison said...

Yep you bet. I've got about 20 and it is very hard to stop buying books when you get in the mood. I find it is hard to read something you're not in the mood for but I'm getting faster at reading, just by reading.
Join goodreads. It's a great site :)