Wednesday, 9 February 2011


This post is entirely inspired by Christine Shanks' fantastic photographs of dolls (which, incidentally, I got to via The Sketchbook Project, for which I have Barbara to thank -- the wonderful maze of the Internet).
     I don't want to abuse Christine's copyright by reproducing any of her photos here but they are really worth a look. Her photos are much much better than mine. I tried to get some of the soulfulness of her images into mine but it was really difficult.

Still, I enjoyed going round the house looking for strange little people.
I usually think of this trio as a family, although it's obvious that the child comes from an entirely different gene pool that did not suffer from anemia.
I think this Mexican dolly has just committed a crime, probably baby-snatching.

Miss Julia Locket is serene and her gaze suggests she knows what the future holds.
This chap is shocked at everything he sees going on in the world. "Oy! Shtop dat!"
Farewell, farewell...
So long, lady...
I hope you're not freaked out by heads. There are a lot of heads in our house (future post, no doubt), including this one. I feel a particular affinity with her as she reminds me of myself as a child. See what you think:


Unknown said...

Its fascinating what stories these dolls (and the way you shoot them) are telling. And with your "family" I think that genetics has a few surprises up its sleeve, so everything is possible, even pink. You as a child look much more sympathetic than your dolls version - its more like good cop - bad cop ;)

menopausalmusing said...

Thank you for the link to Christine Shanks.... absolutely beautiful photos of dolls...... Your own collection made me smile........ the Russian Kossak type doll in particular!

Unknown said...

Thanks for checking out my work. So happy it inspired you to make some cool photographs of your dolls