Sunday, 28 November 2010

Vintage and Handmade and Home Again

This weekend I dragged the family a couple of hundred of miles across the country so that I could attend the Vintage and Handmade Fair at Chipping Sodbury. Well, we had the added incentive that my husband's family live near there, so we were able to see them for a nice meal on Saturday, but the icing on the ... ice was the fair.
Taken from the car on the M4
 Ooh but it was cold, especially as I kept opening the car window to take photos on the motorway. Don't worry, I wasn't driving. I like to take photos out of moving cars, particularly of pylons looming up but I didn't catch any pylons this time, only a few nicely twisty trees.
     So the fair was brilliant. I felt as though my particular corner of the blogosphere had come to life, and I actually met Kitsch and Curious Elaine and Gary, which was absolutely delightful. Cathy, Elaine said you were there too, so I'm really sorry we didn't get to say hello to each other.
     I seem to have spent rather a lot of my pocket money and now I'm in that state of denial where I don't look in the bags I've brought home until the guilt has subsided and, also, by the time I do dare to look, there's the added benefit of having half forgotten what I splashed out on. There are the makings of projects in those bags, that much I know -- but is it too awful to think of cutting up cloth books to stitch the pictures onto something else?
Thank goodness for de-icer, that's all I can say.
     We were home by 4pm and making ourselves tea in our proper teacups, which is something we only do when we return, like hunters, from forays into the world. And we had slices of stollern, which was wonderful and actually tasted as though German frauleins had lovingly soaked the marzipan in schnapps or some such, even though it was only from Sainsburys.
     This is an odd little post, sorry -- the photos don't seem to go with the subject matter. I should be doing little plush rabbits and wheely dogs and my NEW reindeer (I feel more adventures of the plastic reindeer coming on...). But I thought I probably ought not to take photos inside the fair. So here are some of the things I already own instead.
One can never have too much trash, no?


Makeminemidcentury said...

It's nice meeting blog people! It's a strange and surreal experience.

You have the most amazing collection of things ... can't wait to see what you've bought!

menopausalmusing said...

I have a BIG smile on my face here.... it was such a joyous affair wasn't it? I have a little stash of "stuff" on my table too. Would have loved to have met you. I never dare take photos when I am there either....... and no, it's not awful to cut up the books..... :O))))

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

I'm a sucker for cowboys, i love them!! Love Posie

Anonymous said...

'I wasn't driving'; almoust fell of my stool here. That's some stunning shots, Jane. Love the atmosphere, a bit scary... love the cowboys too, wish I was one. Cowgirl. Lovely evening!

Kitsch and Curious said...

I was so pleased to meet you too. I knew you'd be lovely!
You should have taken photos at the fair - usually we're all too busy, so it's great to have someone make a record of the event.

Funnily enough, I had a chat with another lady at the fair about cutting up books. It does make me feel guilty these days. I used to do it quite often, when I was younger, and it was easier to find old books. But now ...there's a bit of me that thinks books are somehow sacred. Silly, I know, but then I'm the same about cutting into vintage fabric, or opening vintage packets. But at the same time, I know it's stupid to just keep this stuff, if I can't make use of it. (Oh dear, I think I think too much!)