Sunday, 14 November 2010

Christmas cards done at last

I've finally found time to do the artwork for this year's Christmas cards. For the last few years I've had my own Christmas cards printed, because it makes me happy. I don't really sell them, but if I do sell any, I give the proceeds to the Alzheimer's Society. But it's just tiny print runs that I get made up. They look nice printed up on gloss-finish card.
     So I've got these two designs this year:
By doing my own cards, I feel I grab back a little bit of Christmas from big business.


menopausalmusing said...

Love those top two!

BusyLizzie said...

Hi there, those cards are delightful, I try to make my own (or buy a few from Charity shops). I think it is time we all grabbed a little bit of Christmas back from big business! Lizzie x

Anonymous said...

I love these they are lovely!!
I'm currently off on a snow day at home and will be making mine today whilst drinking lots of cups of tea!

It's good to reclaim a bit of Christmas, although I haven't made as many gifts as last year... ho hum... little by little I suppose. Alicex