Saturday, 2 October 2010

A is for accumulation

Here are all the letter A's I could lay hands on, not for any reason other than to do an instant collection for the fun of it and because I like the look of them. The trouble is you could start collecting absolutely everything and slowly (or rapidly) go insane.
     My definition of a collection is at least three of something, even though that may not make an overwhelmingly impressive display. But it's often when you discover you have a pair of something that the urge to get another one takes hold and that's when the collection starts. I don't honestly think there is much that can't be made into a collection because it's the 'rhythm' of the repetition that's so pleasing, not necessarily the beauty or value of the things themselves. By no means.
     One of the most memorable exhibitions I've ever seen was at the Museum of London. I came across it by chance on  a visit. It was a display of Londoners' collections, including tissue-paper fruit wraps, Elastoplast packaging (if I remember rightly) and, one of the best, plug wiring diagrams. Who would have thought such a thing could be so pleasing, but it was the crazy accumulation of them and also the graphic relatedness of each to the other, whilst being subtly different, that made that particular collection gel.

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menopausalmusing said...

I would have LOVED that exhibition! Absolutely loved it..............