Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Sketchbook pages

I record some pages of my current sketchbook here -- a kind of public humiliation record of what I've been doing, so that I can compare it to what I do from here on. 
     With this sketchbook, I decided that it was better to do something than to do nothing, and so to go easy on myself if all that 'came' was collage or a drawing based on a photograph. This is fine, to get yourself going, but you need to evolve. I think it would be good to go deeper into a single idea or theme, developing and exploring it, rather than skipping about the whole time. Good intentions.

The 'themes' of this sketchbook seem to be babies and birds, unintentionally. The penultimate spread is the result of a challenge to myself, while spending the night in a hotel in Stratford-on-Avon, to do a collage using brochures from the hotel lobby. I like the images better seen like this!

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menopausalmusing said...

Fascinating to look inside your sketchbooks and inside your head........... I am another one who doesn't seem to settle and skips around mentally all the time............