Sunday, 20 July 2014

How many notebooks do you need..?

'Make Hey!' notebook by Pip Lincolne (nice Aussie designer). Current no. 1 unused notebook
Do you love to buy a nice notebook when you see one? I do. Do you say to yourself, 'You can never have too many nice notebooks' or 'A nice notebook will always come in handy'? I do. Do you go to lovely shops and exhibitions and think, 'Oh everything is so expensive but I could just get a nice notebook to remember the day by'? I do. Do you have a large box overflowing with nice notebooks, some that you feel are just too nice to use? And some that are no longer nice enough? I do.
Extra nice Peter Blake notebook from the Holburne Museum in Bath -- always interesting
I admit that I'm a notebook addict. And a diary addict. It can't be right to have eight unused diaries from past years -- although I fully intend to use them when the right combination of dates and days comes around again.

In fact, for anyone else with this problem, here's a handy guide:
Upcoming year:     Use diary from:
2015                        2009 (You have to watch out for leap years as well as what day the year starts on)
2016                        1988
2017                        2006 or 1995
2018                        2007 or 2001
2019                        2013 or 2002
2020                        1992

Great, by the end of the decade I'll have had the opportunity to re-use two whole diaries! Who knew years were so pernickety! Actually I make my own diary each year now, so, let's face it, they are never going to get used.
This is my current diary
But the notebooks, the notebooks. They're so seductive, with their cool, creamy pages and covers that invite you to jump in to another existence.
I love this trash-paperback-sized beauty by Rose Gridneff
The one below has a plain cover, but the pages consist of offcuts from Hato Press -- beautiful, and too good to write in...
They go on... and on...
And those are only the ones I've picked out. There are more...
It needs to stop. But it probably won't. Have you got a paper habit?


Gill said...

I love notebooks and I can't resist buying them but I really must start using them !!

Gina said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a notebook habit! I think you might have beaten me though!

colleen said...

You can probably guess why this made me laugh so much, thoughI've been through paper rehab and have the habit under control now.

LAC EMP 2020 said...

Have I got a paper habit? Are you kidding? With me it's a terminal condition but I'm cool with it. I'm with you with notebooks except in my case it's a bit of a sketchbook fetish.... of course, I don't sully them with my ridiculous attempts at drawing. I pile them up in size order and make even more to add to them... chunky ones, square ones, recycled ones. I pick them up, riffle through the pages to give them an airing and then put them back on the pile. Mustn't spoil them after all. Strange how reading about it means I now have the urge to make another.....

Margaret Cooter said...

No, this is not a serious addiction - this is life enhancing!!

nadine paduart said...

many, many, many!!!