Tuesday, 21 June 2011

New diary

old (left) and new
I've been buying the Redstone Press diary for years now but it's a big beast, made bigger by all the pockets it has which entice you to store things in them. I have a bit of a pain in my neck (don't misread that!) and I was carrying round a hulking great bag with about three paperbacks, three notebooks and this massive diary in it. It had to stop. So I've made myself a new diary.
It recycles some recycled plastic covers from an old notebook, and I designed the insides on my computer.
20 people with the same name as me
It has a frontispiece of twenty people with my name -- my maiden name. There was no point trying to find twenty Jane Houshams!
I think I'll keep the design and elaborate on it for next year, with more pictures. It was easier to make the verso pages into 'Notes' than print dates on both sides but I will do that next time.
An indulgence -- reproduction of a page from a book I wrote when I was 6. I got my year of birth wrong. But I'm still intrested in book.
All bound with the trusty Bind-It-All machine. It weighs about a quarter of the old one.


Ellen van de Sande said...

Wonderful! I love this!

Makeminemidcentury said...

I've been trapped with a filofax for the past 20 years. Though I guess I must like it. My mother invariably gives me a diary every year which I never use.

Like your new one. Hope you know all those Janes. Surrealistically, I bet you don't though!

Joanna said...

Brilliant! Are you among the 20 Jane Carrs? Also, how did you do the actual diary date pages? Did you have a template on your computer or something?