Sunday, 23 September 2012

More stars in cars

This is the latest of my paintings of celebrities caught in their cars (Lindsay, Britney and Paris out on the town in LA). It's quite large: 100cm x 50cm. Painted in acrylics on canvas. I've put a thin wooden frame around it because it's going to included in the Open Exhibition at Letchworth Arts Centre from October 3rd, along with my picture of Dannii Minogue in her car. I wonder if people will get the paintings?
     This one (and the Dannii one too) was quite hard to photograph because of all the dark areas -- they tend to catch the light in a weird way and look whiteish. Hopefully they'll look better in the flesh.


LAC EMP 2020 said...

I bet you get offered an exhibition after this. You must! What a great scale to paint in. That's why this image works so well. Larger than life. I think they'll get it.

James Russell said...

I like these car paintings - I bet they look great 'in person'. As a subject it is so fundamental to our culture, but most artists shy away from both celebrities and cars. In fact the automobile is almost absent from the history of painting - although an almost constant presence in film... anyway, best of luck with the show!