Friday, 21 September 2012

A couple of million short of the asking price...

Charlestown Harbour in Cornwall is up for sale. If I had a couple of million quid going spare, I'd love to buy it.
We went there once, back in 2006, just by chance, when we were looking for the Eden Project. I thought it was beautiful -- a working harbour and shipyard that seemed unchanged since the nineteenth century.
But it wasn't the tall ships that really captivated me, but the kids jumping into the water there. I spent as long as D, D and C would let me trying to catch them in mid-air. My shots were awful, but it was the start of an enduring interest in catching people in mid-jump.
This is the Blue Lagoon in WestWales:
This is one of my pictures, based on an old postcard:
I'll be in trouble with my offspring if I include any of my photos of them jumping so I'd better stop there.
I wish I was better able to jump myself -- I feel very earthbound these days.
Oh boy, I just found a whole site of jumping photos!

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LAC EMP 2020 said...

I'll chip in but it might still leave us a bit short. Do you think we might get a bloggers time share off the ground? It could work!! Red Bull had a two day event at the Blue Lagoon a couple of weeks ago and they came from all over the world to dive into the pool.Rubbish weather meant it didn't look all that blue. A great success for all those adrenaline rush junkies out there though. I feel a series of jumping paintings coming on... is that Sonja Henje or am I away with the fairies?