Sunday, 18 September 2011

Guardian Book Swap

I realise that they've pretty much lifted the idea from Book Crossing, but I'm taken with the Guardian's Book Swap. If you haven't seen it, they gave away a sticker in yesterday's paper (and another one in today's Observer) and you can stick it inside a book which you then leave in some corner or other for someone else to find and enjoy.
On the whole, I don't like to part with my books as I love them so much. I could probably do with giving some of them away as they are now two rows deep in my biggest bookshelf and it's virtually impossible to find any of the ones at the back, apart from the fact that they were once vaguely in alphabetical order and in blocks by genre. Now I'm also filling in the spaces above the rows, which looks hideous. But there is no more room for another book case anywhere in our house.
Luckily, I have another stash of books that I don't feel so tied to, which are books I've reviewed, so I'll be stickering some of these up and leaving them in suitable places. This could pose a challenge as my entire life more or less consists of getting up, driving to work, putting in some semblance of the required hours and driving home again. I don't think anyone will find the books if I leave them on the back seat of the car. And as my office is inside a library, it could be kind of confusing for people if I left them there. It may have to wait until I go on a train or, god forbid, walk somewhere. Or maybe loos are good places?
     If you want to download the sticker, it's here. I will feel happy if I can give away some books and they find new owners who enjoy them and want to keep them.


LAC EMP 2020 said...

Jane, This is a great idea in theory but I always wonder if I would pick up such a book should I ever find one. It would be just my luck to find one I'd already read!

Kitsch and Curious said...

You could always put one in a plastic bag and throw it out of the car window!!

I have friends who've done the Book Crossing thing, but it seems very hit and miss to me, and I just take my books to the charity shop. I love our local charity bookshop, and usually end up buying something whenever I go there. Like the Letter Writer book I blogged about.

I suppose that makes me very dull, and not open to the excitement of random chance?