Sunday, 21 August 2011

Postman's Knock postcard swap -- completed

For the last three months or so I've been involved in the Postman's Knock postcard swap. Twelve of us chose a theme and then every fortnight everyone took turns to make a card for everyone else, on their theme.
     My theme was 'Overhead'. Here, in the order I received them, are the cards that were made for me:
Chrissie's card
Cathy's card
Gina's card
Jane E's card
Lesley's cards
Sue's card
Jane W's card
Jo U's card
Jo T's card
Jill's card
Penny's card
It wouldn't be a show without Punch, so I made a twelfth card, illustrating my own theme:

Here, again in order of sending, are the other cards I made for the ladies in the swap:


Windows (you can't really see the peepshow effect)
A little book of collections for the Collecting theme
'Yee ha! Ride 'em Cowboy'
Coast/Seaside (this one spawned a whole sub-set of extra cards -- see ahead...)
Taking Flight
Concealment and Revelation (the bugs hide in and out of the plants)
an extra Conceal/Reveal card -- pull the tab and a lion appears
'New York, New York' (a Make Your Own Manhattan Skyline kit in a box)

Well, those were the cards I actually sent, but there were also quite a few 'fails':

a rejected 'Windows' card -- too wobbly and not see-through enough
rejected Water card -- the swimmers look like zombies
rejected Tea card -- not good enough
One card in particular struck a spark and sent me off on a tangent:

I think that's all the postcards generated by the Postman's Knock swap, but I found it very stimulating and in fact it got me out of a do-nothing rut I'd been in previously. I'm doing my painting again now and I think it's probably all thanks to Postman's Knock. Thanks to everyone who made it such a fun and interesting project.


Joanna said...

Don't they all look wonderful together?! Your postcard created for your own theme is superb, totally perfect for 'Overhead'. I would have been ecstatic to have produced any of your rejects - zombies indeed!

PK has been great fun, an experience I have totally enjoyed despite, or maybe because, it challenged me at times. And, of course, I got to 'meet' some lovely new blogging buddies including YOU!


LAC EMP 2020 said...

A friend came to visit this afternoon and I showed her all the cards I'd received. All of a sudden it struck me how they look en masse and your post serves to re-inforce the ingenuity and effort we have all put into this project. I love those rejects and agree with Jo - I would have been deliriously happy to have received those 'zombies'. You have a singular view of the world Jane .... and I love it. So glad we can stay in touch via blogging and get to see more of your creations in future.Great 12th card... why do I feel the need to have a go now.....

menopausalmusing said...

I echo the other two's sentiments.......... how wonderful do those cards look altogether. It has been a great learning experience hasn't it?
Your twelfth card is a lovely take on your own theme.

Ellen van de Sande said...

This is wonderful! What a great idea> And great to receive actual mail now and then!

Gina said...

They look fantastic together. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have everyone's cards exhibited together. I love the card you made for yourself.