Sunday, 10 March 2013

Doing Something Different -- childhood treasures

This is just a quickie. I'm doing a project at work -- lots of us have signed up to 'Do Something Different', the behaviour change programme pioneered by Ben Fletcher and Karen Pine at the University of Hertfordshire. Every couple of days we are sent a new 'Do' which is a little challenge designed to shift us out of our comfort zones and promote bigger changes in behaviour (such as losing weight or giving up smoking, whatever your goal is).
The current 'Do' is to 'Do things you used to enjoy. Jumping in puddles, puzzles or playing games. Rediscover childish fun or an old hobby.' This is too easy for me, really, because I've never grown up, so spend quite a lot of time doing puzzles and indulging in childish fun. But to try to get into the spirit of the Do, I tried to think of something that I used to do but no longer indulge in so much (though I've just remembered a blogpost on this very subject not so long ago...). I remember how I used to LOVE arranging my 'treasures'. These were sad little bits of detritus that I had collected here and there. Above is today's arrangement of the bits and pieces I've picked up off the ground over the last month or so. Most precious are the passport photos -- a bit creepy, you may think, but I love finding discarded photos. I also like the coloured wire, magpied from telephony works at the Uni, and I also like the unidentified black rubbery thing at the bottom (the right hand one, not the left hand one -- though that's quite good too).
I am happy now. 


Joanne Noragon said...

What an ecclectic assortment. I almost included detritus at the end, but that would be excluding the photos.

LAC EMP 2020 said...

Somehow I see you at the head of the queue volunteering to take part in this. Looks intriguing. Do tell us what the end results say (only if you want to share)

limestone columns said...

Yes Jane please share the outcomes of this project. we are excited to hear from you soon.
- Herman Swan