Saturday, 6 September 2014

Hertfordshire Open Studios -- my first time!

End wall of my studio
This afternoon at 2pm I'll be opening the gate at the side of our house and pinning up the signs to point people down to my art studio. It's the first day of Herts Open Studios 2014 and my first ever open studio session.
     I've got tea and biscuits (most importantly) plus loads of paintings, collages, prints and cards. There are the mugs I've designed too. I really hope someone comes and buys one of those as I like them so much.
Framed prints start at £10 for the little ones, going up to £25.

But absolutely no obligation to buy anything, of course. It will just be great to see people.
     These are the times when my studio will be open:

     And if you're in St Albans during September, there's a 'Secret Postcard' art sale by members of Herts Visual Arts Forum, including me, at Courtyard Cafe. Lots of little original artworks, all priced at £20, to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Care. The postcards are on display in a back room, so do ask if you don't immediately find your way to them.


Things Hand Made said...

Best of luck and all that. Would love to come along but I am closer to Hereford than Hertford and that one letter makes all the difference!

colleen said...

Good luck. We're away over the next few weeks - such a shame as it would have been an interesting outing.

Anna said...

Hope it goes well Jane!

LAC EMP 2020 said...

As I am tardy with my blog viewing by now the die is cast and the studios have opened their doors! I hope it was a great success and the start of something new. Love those mugs too.