Saturday, 26 March 2011

A collection of nothing

My poor blog has been hibernating of late as I just haven't had time to post. Nothing's changed, really, but I've decided to try to do more posts, maybe involving less photographing and scanning and so on, just to get back in the way of it.
     I love collecting, and I really believe you can collect anything as long as there's some common characteristic that links the objects together. It's the shared properties that please us as much as the objects themselves, I think (as I gaze at my collections of plastic cars and whittled matches -- ha, now you're not sure whether or not I'm kidding, are you?)
     So here (above and below) is a recently started collection of tags. Not quite indiscriminate (M&S and Primark just wouldn't cut it) but not very exclusive either, just a few tags that have turned up since I mentally decided 'tags' would be brought together.
In May I'm going to be a 'guest editor' on four for the day, a very beautiful blog about collecting. So I've been running round choosing quartets of things to photograph for that. It's been hard deciding which to have. Alas, I've already had to exclude animals on wheels and 'things I've dug up in the garden'.
     Last year Lisa Congdon blogged a different collection every day and now she has a book of it all just out. I want it quite badly...


Unknown said...

Hi Jane, I like your tags collection a lot!

Makeminemidcentury said...

Don't forget your collection of lint!

We have a television show in Australia called 'The Collectors'. Guess what it's about. They'd love you!

Vintage Market Place said...

I used to work in vintage clothing warehouses in my 20's I would collect great vintage clothing labels and say, Oh one day I would love to have a book made of all the brilliant designs clothing labels used to hold...well things happen and I threw them out thinking why would anyone else be interested in these labels.
Who would have ever known that collecting would grow to be such an art form for books...sigh

Ellen van de Sande said...

Such a great collection! Love this, I collect clothing tags as well. Not surpising, as I collect just about anything ;-))